What is better with truffles ?

Potatoes, eggs and pasta catch the strong flavour of the truffle. There are things that entrance even more its aromas :

  • garlic : rub a clave of garlic in a pan just before cooking an omelette
  • onion and leek
  • parmesan in small quantity (essential with pasta)
  • cream

Let’s not forget the crunch of truffle

Gourmets reccomand to peal truffles because the inside is more flavoursome than the crust. Put aside the crust in jar of oil. They’ll go really well in salad.

Should we peel the truffles

On top of the great pleasure et brings to your palet, it’s a great sensation to feel the pieces of truffles crackling under your teeth.
That’s why in various truffle recipes, we shouldn’t try to make the pieces of truffle too small. Don’t let them get the texture of finely ground pepper ! When you make slices, don’t make them so thin that they become transparent. The truffles must stay cruncky. We strongly reccomand the use of a mandolin or truffle slicer.

For salad dressings

Balsamic vinagar goes really well with the scent of truffle

The truffle search

with what ? preserving it, truffle oil...

The truffle search

Key ways to preserve truffles

For 3 to 5 jours
Put truffles in a hermetique box. You can also put some eggs in the box to have some truffled eggs.
Keep them in refrigerated

with what ? preserving it, truffle oil...
Rinse thoroughly in a steady, but not strong, stream of water while brushing them with a soft brush ; like a toothbrush.
Allow them to dry, place in a shallow cup or teacup, and fill it with sunflower or peanut oil - covering them completely. This oil will also receive Truffle flavouring, and may be used for cooking.

For several months
Wash and brush them as described above, allow them to dry, wrap them in aluminum foil, and store them in the freezer (ice box). When you are ready to cook with them, slice thinly while they are still frozen so as not to lose any of their natural juices...
Wash and brush them as described above, allow them to dry, place them in a jar, and cover them completely with cognac. (However, it is our opinion that the cognac somewhat overwhelms the natural flavoring of the truffles.
Canning/preservation by sterilisation: place the washed and brushed Truffles in small jars. Lightly salt them. Add a teaspoon of water for every 50 grams of Truffles. Seal the jars airtight.
Sterilise them at 100° - boiling temperature - as follows: 2 hours for less than 40 grams - 3 hours for 40 to 100 grams. The juices in the jar may likewise be used to flavour sauces or may be added in the preparation of omelettes.


At any time of year, the preserve is handy, as long as you don’t get it wrong !

Some people sterilyze the truffles twice time to separate them from their juice, which they sale or reuse separately...
unfortunately, one must know that the more you cook the truffle, the more its taste and aromas fade away .
Curiously, French legislation still allows them to have the "black truffle" label.

In order to make sure that you’ve buying a product of high quality, worthy of a fine gourmet, the label ont the jar must imperatively say : "Tuber Mélanosporum" et "Truffles of first boiling". "Truffles de première ébullition".

We offer jars of Tuber Mélanosporum

  • whole or in pieces
  • grated truffles

Fresh truffles or preserves…is one really better than the other ?
Of course a fresh truffle is better ! however, a truffle which has only been boiled once and well prepared can give results which are just as good !
Jean Delaveyne

The truffle search