"If you were not fully satisfy of your purchase you have 7 days after the delivery of your order to turn us your command, partially or entirely, and to be refunded* or to carry out an exchange....."
"Validation of the cashings after checking of the availability of all the ordered articles"
"Double systematic confirmation by email of the truffle orders : When you take the order and the when we send the parcels "
"The normal time of reception for France is to the maximum of 3-4 days wrought and lower than 6 days for the majority of the other destinations...."


The deliveries are ensured in the whole world. The offer is perfectly in conformity with the French law and it concerns the responsibility for the foreign purchasers to be put in conformity with the laws of importation in force in their state or their country.
For the security of all, the parcels are dispatched in "Colissimo Suivi" (2-3 working days) or "Chronopost" (24-48H) and are delivered against signing when reception of the payment.
The time is identical for big city of the European Community ; Lower than 6 days for the majority of the other destinations. Any anomaly noted on external appearance of the parcel (paperboard or damaged or opened packing...) during the delivery, must imperatively be the subject of reserves on the receipt of delivery for any later complaint.
A lump sum including transport, the expenses of packing and preparation is required for each forwarding according to the destination (see the purchase order). The total indicated on the purchase order includes these sums.
Departure parcel will depend on its availability in stock.


The availability of all the articles of a same command cannot be guaranteed. In the event of rupture of an article, the Customer will be warned by email in the wrought 48H (24H most of time) which follow its command and its payment will not be boxed or will not be output. The Customer has then the choice to cancel whole or part of his command, to choose other articles or to wait the availability of the missing article. The " pre-paid " remainders of command are dispatched without expenses when they are the subject of a later separate sending.


If you were not fully satisfy of your purchase and in the most strict observance of the French regulation for the mail order business and by electronic media, you have 7 days after the delivery of your command to turn over it, partially or entirely, and to be refunded* or to carry out an exchange.
In this case the expenses of return are for the customer and that of reforwarding take in load with title commercial at the time of a first exchange by ayme-truffe.
* : Refundings by cheques in Euros exclusively; In the form of having, for the other destinations than the EEC.


At the time of the order taking, the purchaser engages on the exactitude of the provided information. The command becomes effective when the Customer validated the data entry of his number of bank card and his scratch date or that we perceive his payment by cheque or transfer. We confirm, with an automatically generated email, the good recording of the commands in the minutes which follow. Another email is posted the day of forwarding. If an article were missing, the Customer is informed by email in the wrought 48H which follow its command


For the payments by transfer or cheque, the forwarding of the commands will be able to be carried out only after reception of the cashings.


The price of fresh truffle is subjected to significant variations. When the payment is immediate by bank card, it is the price displayed during the ordering which is guaranteed for the facturation. In the case of a payment by cheque or transfer which would reach us whereas the initial price changed, ayme-truffe reserves the right to refuse the sale after having proposed a new invoicing with the Customer.


If a product presented a defect, we commit ourselves replacing it. The amount of the expenses of return can be dealt with on request. The assumption of responsibility of these expenses cannot in no case to initially exceed the amount of the carriage costs invoicees.


Any dispute relating to the interpretation or the execution of the orders will be examined with the greatest care and will be the subject of an immediate friendly proposal.
In the event of refusal of this one the litigation will be definitively regulated by the courts of competent jurisdiction of the jurisdiction of Valence (26).