The Truffle

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Ayme Truffe - Domaine Bramarel

Truffle Ayme, the delicious truffle of France

Called "Black truffle" ou "Périgord Truffle" ou "rabasse" in Provençal.
Called "the Black Diamond"

But you have to know the following :
The truffle is not only from Périgord, just as little as the mushroom is from Paris, the nutmeg from Hamburg or the cabbage from Brussels.
The basin in the South-Est of France is responsible for more than 80 % of the national production.

Available between December 1st and Mach 31St.
For a gourmet exists only one sort of truffle and this is the famous “Perigord truffle“. Its botanical name is Tuber Melanosporum, which means “truffle with black spores”.
Its size varies from the size of a nut to the size of a potatoe. Certain exceptional specimen can weigh more than one kilogram. (the grandfather found one of 1,01 kg. The young gleba is white, then grey, finally when it is ripe, black with purple reflects and with distinctive veins. This veins are formed by a reddish-white line that protrudes slightly, framed by two translucent lines and darken then merge with the gleba in the end of the maturity (February - March).
Its perfume and its flavour are unforgettable.

The black truffle is excellent:  It is the most appreciated and the best-selling truffle.

- Tuber melanosporum - Tuber brumale - Tuber aestivum - Tuber uncinatum - Tuber magnatum