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Black Truffles directly delivert from the "Domaine Bramarel"

Certainly we have the answers at your questions about truffles.

Domaine de Bramarel

Tél : 04 75 46 52 20
Fax : 04 75 46 90 24

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The truffle shop of the "Domaine Bramarel"

Store hours

April 1st to October 31s :
Open Monday through Friday 9 am - 12 pm / 2 pm - 6 pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays

November 1st to March 31st :
Open Monday through Sunday 9 am – 7 pm non-stop
Closed on bank holidays

The "domain" existed since 1850 and is in the heart of the principal truffle-producing region of France
species recognition :
We collect two kinds of truffles, so we make a strict selection. Truffles, after brushed, they are easily identifiable for people to trade ... The result here

The term "cavage" means: Look for truffles with dogs. The "cavage" of the truffle is very difficult because no mechanical ways can not detect it, and nothing or almost nothing, reveals to the eye's presence. The man then calls between other dogs to smell. On the field we search with ... Click here to learn more about the search for truffles.

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