The Truffle

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Ayme Truffe - Domaine Bramarel

Truffle Ayme, the delicious truffle of France

called "white Italian truffle", "Piedmont truffle" or "Alba truffle".
Called "white TRUFFLE"

Available between September 1st and December 31th.
This type of truffle is an excellent edible that has a garlic aroma. The Etymology is “Lords” because of its high value. The Péridium is smooth, beige and slightly yellow. It is also called white Piedmont truffle or Alba truffle. This species is highly sought after in Italy. Throughout the years, many attempts to cultivate it have been made, but with very little success; Tuber magnatum has always been inexistent in France…until now! On November 15th a tremendous breakthrough happened. Fourteen truffle slices were sent to Gerard Chevalier. the internationally celebrated mycologist and truffle expert at the INRA of Clermont Ferrand (National Institute for Agronomic Research). Mr. Chevalier confirmed that the specimen was Tuber magnatum. Since that day, we know that Tuber magnatum is growing in France.
Ecology : sub-Mediterranean climate in the North and Central Italy, with good rainfall. Hosts are poplars and oak trees. Valleys and grounds that retain humidity. It grows in the grass and, unlike the so-called Perigord Truffle (T. melanosporum), it does not indicate its presence by a patch of bare soil known in French as a “brûlé” (burned patch).

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