The Truffle

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Ayme Truffe - Domaine Bramarel

Truffle Ayme, the delicious truffle of France

called summer “truffle”

Available between May 1st and Novembre 30th.
Italy and France have got an important production of this species. It grows on the same ground and under the same varieties of trees as the Tuber Mélanosporum ( black truffle). The shape and the colour of its skin have got similarities with the Tuber Mélanosporum but in contrast to it, the colour of its flesh is white and does not change. ( The gleba is whitish, firm and hard and becomes finally yellowish, reddish-brown and olive-brown).
Among the black coloured truffles, this species has got the biggest warts.
Its perfume is faint and agreeable but does not hide the typical smell of mushrooms.
This truffle is edible without having the gastronomic value of the Tuber Mélanosporum. Of course its retail price correlates with its gastronomic qualities.

It is obvious that this resemblance leads to numerous frauds with the white truffle.
The label of these products has to mention: Tuber Aestivum and no truffle

- Tuber melanosporum - Tuber brumale - Tuber aestivum - Tuber uncinatum - Tuber magnatum