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Ayme Truffe - Domaine Bramarel

Truffle Ayme, the delicious truffle of France

Preserves :
(glass jars)

At any time of year, the preserve is handy, as long as you don’t get it wrong !

Some people sterilyze the truffles twice time to separate them from their juice, which they sale or reuse separately...
unfortunately, one must know that the more you cook the truffle, the more its taste and aromas fade away .
Curiously, French legislation still allows them to have the "black truffle" label.

In order to make sure that you’ve buying a product of high quality, worthy of a fine gourmet, the label ont the jar must imperatively say : "Tuber Mélanosporum" et "Truffles of first boiling". "Truffles de première ébullition".

We offer jars of Tuber Mélanosporum :
- whole or in pieces
- grated truffles

Fresh truffles or preserves…is one really better than the other ?

"Of course a fresh truffle is better ! however, a truffle which has only been boiled once and well prepared can give results which are just as good !" Jean Delaveyne