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Ayme Truffe - Domaine Bramarel

Truffle Ayme, the delicious truffle of France

With a 50 gram truffle ....
you can spoil yourself and your friends for an entire un week-end


At 609 euros a kilo, a 50 gram truffle will cost you about ... 30 euros ,
that the price of a good bottle of wine or 1 kg of beef filet ...



Cut your truffle in 2.
Make some truffle oil : peel the first half and put the flakes in a bottle of olive oil almost full. Leave it to macerate for at least 24 hours, turning the bottle 2 or three times..
Get some more flakes off that same half and put them in 2 pots of fresh cream : one pot of 20 centiliter, the other of 50 centiliters. Then, let it rest in the fridge overnight.
After that put the 2 halves in a sealed container together with about 15 whole eggs and leave it in the fridge for the night .


The first day


Scrambled eggs with truffles
Unlike an omelette, you break the eggs directly into the pan.
Don’t forget, the choice of eggs is essential ! take a farmer’s eggs. With fresh truffle only : 3 days prior to the tasting, put whole eggs and the brushed truffles in a sealed container. The porous shell of the eggs will let the scent of the truffles permeate it.
By cooking with a bain-marie you’ll be able to make truffle scented scrambled eggs using only these truffled eggs, without adding any truffle !


Truffle Soufflé
The night before, cut a truffle in half and put in the fridge one half with eggs in a sealed container and the other half in half a liter of milk. The next day, after having withdrawn the truffle from the milk, prepare a classic béchamel.
Heat to the night temperature to get a very smooth texture. Let it cool down, then add the egg yoks one after the other without stopping churning. Dry the truffle from the milk in kitchen roll and chop coarsely before adding to the mix. Then beat egg whites into a stiff, glossy meringue and add very gently. When you get an onctious mix, pour in a buttered soufflé mould. Depending on your oven, cook from 20 to 30 minutes – setting 5/6.
As for any soufflé : serve immediately !!!.


The second day


Eggs "cocotte" with truffles
the truffle’s affinity for crème fraîche, and its complementarities of eggs make it ideal for this recipe. Again, on the eve cooking, put the whole eggs in a sealed jar with one or 2 truffles and add a few pieces of truffles to the cream. Cook your eggs the way you like.

Cook big artichokes. remove
Faire cuire de gros artichauts. En prélever les fonds, soigneusement épluchés. Brouiller des oeufs (parfumés à la truffe depuis la veille au frigo en bocal hermétique). Compter un oeufs et demi par fond. Faire réchauffer les fonds quelques instants dans l'eau frémissante ou, mieux, à la vapeur du couscoussier, pour les rendre tièdes au service. Faire cuire, mollet, un oeuf par fond d'artichaut ( 7 minutes , il faut que les blancs soient pris). Déposer sur chaque fond une portion d'œufs brouillés et casser un jaune d'œuf mollet. Décorer de copeaux de truffes.


Frozen truffle parfait
This is a unique and delicious starter that you can also serve as a desert by adding 200 gr of powdered sugar. The night before, put two thirds of the truffle in a sealed jar with eggs. Put the other third in a pot of 100 gr or 200gr of crème fraîches stir and put in fridge. In the morning, add the cream, the 6 eggs yolks and 2 pinches of salt to 1 liter of chilled boiled milk. Whisk vigorously until you see a nice foam at the surface. You can also use a sherbet machine. Put the mix in the ice cube compartment of your fridge (-4°c). For more than 2 hours. DO NOT USE the freezer for it destroys the aroma of the truffle.

Mash potatoes with truffle oil
it couldn’t be easier!...and yet !
Cook in water 1kg of potatoes (boil for 20minutes with coarse salt). Then rinse quickly under cold water to stop the cooking and peel quickly. Crush delicately with a fork, add salt, pepper and drizle some truffle olive oil on top.