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Ayme Truffe - Domaine Bramarel

Truffle Ayme, the delicious Truffles of France

Visit of “Domaine de Bramarel"  
Gilles Ayme vous take you for a domain visit. Search "black diamond" with him !

The domaine de BRAMAREL is :
- 11 hectares truffles trees planted of about 30 to 40 years old (oaks trees planted by the grand-father), amongst them one truffle plantation for experimental purposes with kinds of truffle trees (hazel-nuts, cysts, conifers,...),
- 4 hectares young truffles trees (planted since 2003/2005).
- 1/2 hectare of nursery à "vocation truffière".

An access road decorated with lavander and truffle oaks trees...
domain where hospitalityand simplicity are a must...
A house steeped in perfume of truffles...
Unforgettable memories....

During the whole year we receive visitors from all over the world.
We are glad to share our passion, the truffle culture, with them.

Visit of truffles trees


A magical moment ... you will participate with Gilles or Phala for search truffles.

The terme "cavage" come from French word "caver" (=dig a hole ) here it means search truffles with dogs.

On the Domain we have labradors to search truffles : Aria borned since 03.18.2005, & Ebel borned since 06.19.2009. But other breed of dog like Cerise (a Jack Russel borned since 02.11.2007), Ély (a Parson Russel borned since 02.05.2009).






To Discover the truffle,
to touch it,
To smell it

"...The truffe appeared at the bottom of the hole, its black skin is granular and some parts of it are still covered with earth. He gave me my first truffle. It was overwhelming. I was happy. It was my first "rabasse" (Truffle in Provençal)


A nursery mycorhized by the Tuber melanosporum (black winter truffle)

Presentation of various seedling for truffles. Many trees can produce black winter truffle...


A discussion around a table where everything smell truffle.

round a small glass of red wine in winter or chilled rosé in the summer, and some olives from field Bramarel with very fragrant memories.
Vous quitterez le domaine de Bramarel avec des souvenirs bien parfumés.


Until 1st may to 15th October:
Possibility to have a degustation of Carpaccio of truffle



Many restaurants, guest houses, be d and breakfasts etc. offer a weekend truffle with a tour of our truffle plantations: Chart of " our partners "

Many groups have been come arrested in Domain to visit us :
Club Voitures anciennes Rhône Alpes Porsche d'Espagne Des clubs automobiles : Club 356 France , Club Voitures anciennes Rhône Alpes, Porsche d'Espagne, "Le trèfle à 4 feuilles", "In Vino Veritas", BIVOUAC Le monde en camping-car et entre amis" des agences de voyages comme EVALYS, de UNO TOUR de Taiwan ou des autocars comme celui de ANNONAY.
Vous pouvez également vous inscrire dans les offices de tourisme de Valence, Montélimar ou de Nyons...
Alors n'hésitez plus, tous les moyens sont bons pour nous rendre visite entre amis ou en famille.
Voir nos manifestations et évènements.