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In couples, families or friends, come and discover the mysteries of truffles every year. The demonstration breakout is free, but ONLY ON APPOINTMENT (at The tour is on foot. It begins with a simple presentation of the different varieties of truffles, then a tour around the nursery to see different species of trees which can produce truffles. The tour continues in the truffle where you can see the dog work. After the demonstration of digging, we answer all your questions about a glass of wine or syrup in the region with Nyons olives. Allow at least two hours to complete the visit!


Visit our truffle field


The demonstration of hunting truffles is free. We go under truffles trees to look for truffle with the dog. Truffles trees are all around the domaine. Alot of Hotel and Restaurants organize truffle's WK : Le Domaine du Colombier at Malataverne : (www.domainecolombier.com). L'Esplan at Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux : (www.esplan-provence.com). Or Chambre d'Hôte : Mas Bella Cortis (www.masenprovence.com). And a lot of others, call us...


To train dogs

Truffles for the training of dogs. They are different varieties of truffles: Tuber aestivum, rufum, panniferum and others. These truffles are frozen by packing bags of 100g. But if you want bags of 1 kg: just call us. Possibility to have fresh truffles if you go to the field (only bag of 100g).

For everybody who wants to train their dog, we sell bags of frozen truffles 100g (fresh: contact us).
Stape 1: donner ake some truffles to eat to your dog until he loves it.
Stape 2: Your dog loves truffles. Play with your dog: Roll the truffle as a toy. Tell him to bring the truffle. And begin to hide the truffles inside the house (under a rug, a slipper ...), he can eat the truffle found in the house. The first time you hide the truffle, show him what a truffle is and where you've hidden..
Stape 3: The dog found all the truffles hidden in the house: he must learn to dig it. Begin to hide the truffle in the ground in a sandbox or in your lawn (subsurface for the first time, then more and more profound maxi.10cm). Stay next to him while encouraging ("search truffle" or "shows the Truffle...: choose a vocabulary that you use each cavage). If it does not find the truffle help him to find it, dig with him if necessary.
Do not let him eat the truffle which is out of the ground. If he does : open his mouth and remove all pieces of truffle and say "NO ! : That is for me." and reward him anyway because he found for you the truffle. Be patient, never get angry (the dog may feel your anger and no longer want to work). If it does take an hour to play with your dog and you calm down. All training is made with the consent of the dog: Never force the animal to work (he must think it's a game). Make sessions of 10 min separated by at least one hour between each training .

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