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The pleasure of truffles throughout the year
Truffles in preserves
It will never be repeated enough, the preserve truffles
are all insipid , the bad ones like the goods.
For the eyes, the glass casing is transparent.



Conserves'truffles are sterilyse truffles. You can keep those conserve a long time (10 yars if you want) if you don't open it. After open keep it in frigider 3 days or in a freezer a few months



The Truffle Juices are maked with black Truffles and one pinch of salt (for the conservation). It is possible to obtain truffle juice from the 2nd boiling

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Jus de Truffe 200g

23,00 €

Jus de Truffe 400g

44,00 €

Jus de Truffe 100g

12,70 €

Truffle olive oil

Discover an Egg ?cocotte? & smoked salmon with fresh cream :

Egg ?cocotte? & smoked salmon with fresh cream : In a plate, break the egg, add the slices o smoked salmon, 3 drops of truffle oil and completely cover with fresh cream. Cook in oven in bain-marie for ten minutes at 180° Celsius ( or 2 min in the micro wave).

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Truffle's oil 4cl

7,62 €

Truffle's oil 25cl

18,29 €

SUMMER TRUFFLE - Pieces of Tuber aestivum

Pieces of white summer truffles. Less taste than Autumn and black winter truffles. Glass casing of 100g of truffles. Maximum for 5 persons.



The Shop of the Field of Bramarel
Insurance of a French product of quality

For the expedition of the truffles, all is implemented for which preserve savours, odors...

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