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Technical Books truffle

"Practical Guide Truffle": French Language, 120 pages, Sun: 20 cm x 30 cm / Publisher LPA Cahors.

This guide has been designed for easy and direct approach from the field. The aspects linked to the country and the history of trufffe and those on the right uses of this fungus are not developed but the reader may find the book very informative on many subjects entitled "Nose and Truffle. The truffle grower wishing to explore some related data irrigatin or écoligie of truffle can refer to the document "Truffle, technical results ..."

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"Guide Pratique De Trufficulture"(P.Sourzat)

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"Recettes aux truffes" / Langue Française, et anglais (Truffle recipes) 38 pages, dim : 15 cm x 21 cm / Editeur Ayme


- flaky pastry ready to be rolled.
- 1 Truffle of 10g per person.
- 1 square of fresh bacon to lard.
- Salt and pepper.

Cut rounds in the flaky pastry with help of cup (1 per person.)
Put in middle of each round a truffle wrapped in bacon, salt and pepper.
Fold the round in two and glue the edges together with a little water.
Spread on the top the yellow of an egg.
Cook in medium warm oven, 30 minutes.

Some people fill the turnover with duck foie gras. Personally I prefer the first solution which allows to appreciate better the flavour of the truffle.

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"truffles receipes" (M.Ayme)

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"Recettes aux truffes (M.Ayme)"

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"Rezepte mit Trüffeln (M.Ayme)"

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