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The price of fresh truffles is for 100g of truffles. (Ex: 1=100g & 2=200g). Total Price TTC is for 100g of truffles.


Fresh Truffles from Bramarel's price

Each truffle has his digging period.

Tuber melanosporum : at november 1St to march 31St.
Tuber brumale : from november 1St to march 31St.
Tuber aestivum : from may 1St to september 30th.
Tuber uncinatum : from october 1St to december 31St.
Tuber magnatum : from september 1st to december31st.

Fresh truffles are sent in plastic bags under vacuum. Upon receipt of your package, REMEMBER TO REMOVE THE BAG (truffles, in contact with the sweat and make plastic water ...). Then put them in an airtight container (to avoid truffle your fridge !!!), take the opportunity to lock them up with fresh eggs (the egg shell is porous and lets in the fragrances of yellow truffer EGG: at least 2 days ...).


tuber uncinatum

Or Tuber uncinatum. See more : (www.ayme-truffe.com/en/truffes/tuber_uncinatum.php). To freez its : Mixe truffles awith a few drup of olive oil (to make a texture like a “tapenade”), sale and put its in a jar. Conseve its maximum 1 year in freezer. When you are ready to cook with them, use its while they are still frozen so as not to lose any of their natural juices.



Tuber melanosporum.
see more :

You can keep tuber melanosporum fresh for 10 days if you keep them refrigerated.

After the truffles arrive you have to take them out of the vacuum bag and store them in a hermetique box to not have your refrigerator truffled. Wipe them dry every day if you store them in a box or put the truffles on rice to make a risotto afterwards. You also can store them with eggs to make a wonderful omelette. The egg shell is porous and lets the fragrances of the truffles aromatize your eggs. Allow them to be joined with the truffles for at least 2 days. Before using them wash and brush them and allow them to dry. If you want to keep the truffles longer then maximum ten days you can store them in the freezer. Before freezing please wash and brush them carefully and allow them to dry. When you are ready to use the truffles, slice them while they are still frozen, so they wont lose any their natural juices.

TM1 = Whole /and / or slightly cut /

TM2 = pieces (nices : you can cut nices slices). Because of the weather, lot of insects eat truffles so that why you can not have entiere truffes.



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