Truffle Ayme, The delicious truffles of France

"Man created immunisation, antibiotics and the computer, he travels in space and plants flags on the moon ... but he hasn't yet discovered how to make truffles."                M. Burnet, 1988

* What is a truffle ?

coupe truffe
The dictionary gives the following definition: „ a black fungus that grows at the roots of a special tree that serves as a host.“
In Latin „Tuber“, in Greek „ Hydnon“, the term truffle covers  all  underground growing funghi.

A scheming underground life,
A not very classic black,
An unique flavour and perfum

...The truffle continues to be a mystery...

* A tree, a climate and a ground ...

To grow, to live and to develop correctly, the truffle needs three conditions: a special tree that serves as a host, a particular ground and a special climate.
The truffle likes cold winters without much frost, humid and mild springs, and hot and dry summers on condition that the rain in July and August favours its development. Precipitation,temperature and light are basic elements to the development of the truffle. 
The climate plays a very important role as far as regularity and quality of the truffle production are concerned.Generally spoken the truffle needs a mediterranean climate without much frost but with rain from time to time during the hot summer months.

* The different species of truffles

There are 32 species of truffle in Europe but most of them only exist in a less important quantity and haven’t got any gastronomical quality
In France, only the following two kinds of truffle have got the right to be called as truffles: The Tuber Mélanosporum and the Tuber Brumale.

Very important : this legislation that intents to avoid any abuse of the term, is only valid in France and Switzerland. Therefore caution is advisable in other countries!
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We deals in 4 kinds of truffle that are of aesthetic and gastronomic quality and each of  has got a completely different perfum. To make the choice easier for you, we are going to give you a quite precise description.